Welcome to The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village!

Registration for the Fall 2022-2023 school year will open January 24, 2022. Join us for an Open House on January, 20, 2022. Contact us today with any questions!

Learning Together

Preschool is an exciting and wonderful experience for families. At The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village, parents and teachers work cooperatively to promote an atmosphere of learning, enrichment, and growth for our early learners. Together, we hope to clear a pathway for our children to create new relationships, gain a sense of belonging, share experiences with others, understand “how to learn,” and to appreciate the beauty of learning.

Since 1956, The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village has been providing a nurturing, safe, fun environment for the children of Bay Village and surrounding areas to have their early introduction to education. At the Co-op, children are encouraged to be kind, respectful, smart and productive members of our community, all through PLAY!

The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village is a non-discriminatory school and accepts children from all backgrounds. We are located within the Bay United Methodist Church but are a wholly independent entity not affiliated with any organization — religious or otherwise.

Covid Protocols

The safety of our students, our teachers and all of our families is by far our number one priority, and we will continue to adapt to changes as they come. It is our goal to teach children to be responsible members of society, which includes keeping themselves and others safe. Throughout the pandemic, the Co-op has committed to following the policies of the Bay Village City School District. While we are not affiliated with BVCSD, we trust and rely on their team of experts to make a lot of the tough decisions.

Covid Policies for 2021-2022

  • Masks are required for all students, staff and visitors whenever inside in the building*. Due to the cooperative nature of our preschool program, the age of our students, and the size of our classrooms, we cannot practice social distancing in the classrooms. (*The Cooperative Preschool of Bay Village follows the policies of Bay Village City School District, which at this time is requiring masks. We will update our policies as they do.)
  • Children with a fever or exhibiting signs of being sick should be kept home.
  • Children will practice frequent hand-washing and hand-sanitizing throughout the day. 
  • Students can bring backpacks to the classroom.
  • Snack time has been eliminated.
  • During drop-off, parents/caregivers should park and take their child to the exterior door, where they will be met by a teacher to be escorted to their classroom while their parent/caregiver remains outside. This eliminates one time that parents/caregivers have to be in close-quarters in the interior hallway. The doors will be unlocked at 9:30 a.m. for drop-off.
  • At pick-up, parents/caregivers will line up in the interior hallway, along the wall by their child’s classroom (3s classroom on the left, 4s on the right), to wait for the students to come out. This allows parents/caregivers the opportunity to get to know each other while waiting, which is essential to our cooperative philosophy and something we really missed last year, and it allows everyone to have a quick chat with their teacher after school. The hallway is small, so there will be no opportunity for social distancing and we require that parents/caregivers wear masks while in line.
  • After school we encourage the kids to stay and play outside on the church lawn. This is a fun way for the kids to bond with their classmates outside of the classroom and get some extra energy out before going home, which is always a plus for parents!! 
  • During Lunch Bunch, we will practice 3-foot social distancing.
  • The Co-op follows Bay Schools’ open/close days. If Bay Schools go into virtual learning mode or close due to weather, we will be closed as well.

Calendar of Events